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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Door-Doer

By Donna the “Door-Doer” Boelen

There are many volunteers and donors that provide for the needs at Clare House.  Most are visible only to those within the walls of the building.  However, there is one person who is visible to those who stand in line week after week to receive a single bag of groceries.  That person is at the side door on Wednesday and Friday for distribution of the donations.  The one at the door sees the face of those who are frequent visitors and hears words of thanksgiving from them. Many become familiar to the point of being able to anticipating their need for diapers, baby food, etc.  In many ways they are part of Clare House’s extended family.
The person who takes the door is affectionately referred to as the “door-doer.”  I have been fortunate to have served in that capacity.  Seeing the smiles, receiving the blessings and words of thanksgiving make me feel warm inside.  Often I may have to decline a request by saying; “you get what you get,” “there are no more______”(fill in the blank) or just “no”.  At those times I realize how difficult it can be to say “no” to friends or family members, especially one’s children.
This has led me to reflect on the human relationship with God.  Humans are full of joy and thanksgiving when God responds favorably to our petitions and needs.  But we question and doubt God’s decision to decline our requests.  Given that we are God’s children who are loved unconditionally, I wonder how much more difficult it might be for Him or Her to respond; “No”.  But in my heart, I believe that God will eventually answer our prayers if we are patient and persistent.

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