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Monday, October 1, 2012

Feed the Body, Feed the Mind

by Bill Tolone

 Mike Marvin and Tina Sipula

 Stocking the Library

The Finished Library!

          For the past 35 years, Clare House has provided food for thousands and thousands of families and individuals.  Every year, we wonder whether we will have enough food to stay open each week.  This year is no different and we are experiencing a huge shortage of food until our shelves can be replenished by the annual Thanksgiving food drive.  Already, generous people have responded to this need with donations, but we have a long way to go.  Please consider helping us in any way you can.

          While "feeding the body" has always been our main concern, this year marks a new mission for Clare House as we have set up a Free Library in front of the building so that we can also "feed the minds" of those who come to our door for help.  Learning to read is so essential;  when someone learns to read, he or she becomes "free" to not only be more educated in general, but also to become more spiritual.  This was stated very clearly by Anton Bosch when he said:  " Just as what we feed our bodies will determine its health, so what we feed the mind will determine our spiritual health."  

          For the past few weeks, I have come to Clare House around 12:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays, when people are beginning to line up for food, and I have given books to parents and children.  I tell them to look inside our Library for other books in which they may be interested.  My hope is that they will see that a real person is bringing books to the Library and is encouraging them and their children to read.  It's especially so rewarding to see the children interested in these books.

          So, as you think of donating food to Clare House, which we desperately need, check for books in your home that you can share with others.  Bring them to our Library and put them in.  You will be amazed, as I have been, at the turnover in books as they are being shared .  Let's continue to feed Clare House people with food and books.

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