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Saturday, May 3, 2014

...And the Lord will provide

“…And the Lord will provide”
     By Sharon Peterson
I am a Wednesday morning volunteer, one of those who works at Clare House downstairs, sorting, dating, and shelving donations in preparation for the evening crew who bag the groceries for the handouts to our clients twice a week.
     This past winter, (which was so long and difficult for everyone,) saw a generous outpouring of not only foodstuffs, but also, blankets, homemade quilts, hats, gloves and scarves for both children and adults.  Sometimes we would get numerous bags of these warm items at one time and sometimes we would just get one or two; it didn’t matter, because it all helped.  Donations
came in from our Annual Holiday Food Drive and also from caring individuals, church groups, businesses, and school children with the help of their parents and teachers.  Just when we would be wondering how we would fill the shelves for tonight’s baggers, more food would come in from an unexpected source!
     Another “provision” came our way recently when a long-time and most loyal volunteer, Shae Davidson, moved out of the area.  The week after this happened, the Lord provided us with a most and wonderful new volunteer, Phyllis Urban.  Now we are once more back to full force downstairs, though we miss Shae very much!
     It has happened time and time again;  on a day we are short of help handing out groceries, someone will miraculously show up because they had some free time that day, or had just heard of Clare House and wanted to find out more about it.  So, I am now firmly convinced of “divine help.”  Sometimes when you least expect it, help arrives, but almost always it comes when you desperately need it.  Don’t ever think that your efforts at donating things or volunteering yourself and your time are too small to make a difference, because they do and they will!

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