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Saturday, May 3, 2014


 By Sr. Glenda Bourgeois, O.S.U.
           One of the by-products of the social media is the development of on-line jargon sometimes referred to as net lingo and text talk. Chat acronyms are common to many faithful texters. I recognize only a few “space savers” ( LOL, OMG, DIY, DIT, BTW and cul8r) because I am, at best, a primitive texter!

Following this line of thinking though, I came across a phrase the other day that  summed up  Clare House ministry for me. In acronym form It is PHP! The message might jump out at you. You will not find PHP in a text dictionary now, but hopefully someday you will!

You have figured it out! Clare House ministry is all about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. The thirty seven year history of this incredible out- reach in our community in its simplest form is the story of PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.  Those of us who are blessed to be volunteers in any aspect of the daily operations are inspired by the wonderfully compassionate evidence of this.
PHP is a sign that we are one big human family, that we belong to each other, that our happiness is tied to the well-being of others. PHP is a great peace making activity, an expression of divine love in our world.

Clare House is one of many places where PHP is what it is all about! Let’s cheer on each instance of PHP that happens right in front of us.

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