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Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Their Own Words...

Girl Scout Troop 1335
Food Drive

In February, Girl Scout Troop 1335 from Sugar Creek Elementary in Normal, headed up by Christy McBride did a food drive for the Clare House as a service project.  In their own words, the girls share about the experience and helping others meant to them.

“I felt happy about doing the food drive and it was really fun.  It was the nicest thing for Clare House.  Also was surprised of how many can goods we got out of all the kids (in our troop).  It was fun!”
                              -Madisyn Gravitt

 “I had fun going around houses to get can goods.  It was fun!  It was nice to get can foods for Clare House even though it was cold.  It was nice for us to do that.”
                              -Kai Curtis-Watts

“The thing I like about going on the food drive was we got to hang out with friends and donating stuff to others, but I also hated it our troop leader lost her gloves and we had to go look for them.  The first thing we had to do was memorize a thing that we were going to say when we asked for donations.  I love the food drive!”
                              -Naomi Barth

“I thought it was awesome to collect food.  One reason was because I got in the group of my best, best, best friend.  We collected lots and lots and lots of food.”
                              -Allison McBride

“I had lots of fun while I was gathering food on Hanson with Maddie and Sierra.  It was fun because I got to go to Maddie’s house and my house!  This one creepy guy gave us a TON of popcorn.”
                              -Megan O’Connell

“I felt good about the food drive.  My best friend was in my group!”
                              -Grace Skeate

            “I thought the food drive was creative way for girls to give people food and have fun at it.  I think girls should join Girl Scouts and have fun.”
                              -Madison McCraw

“I feel good helping people.  The food drive is a fun way to do that.”
                              -Ella Nicolaides

          “I think the food drive was really fun.  It was fun helping to help people.”
                              -Aresa Anderson

          “When I did the food drive, I felt like I was helping people who couldn’t afford food that my family can.  I felt I was going around to ask people to donate food for a good reason.  I appreciated the people who would donate food to people that couldn’t afford the food.  I was glad to help out people that weren’t as fortunate with money as my family.”
                              -Paige McBride   

      “I had fun and felt really good because I knew I was doing something good.”
                              -Morgan Forrest

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