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Saturday, June 9, 2012

God Bless America and the Clare House

Food Drive on the Fourth of July

By Nancy Cruse

          In the Crestwicke subdivision, we have an annual tradition on the Fourth of July.  Our neighborhood puts on a parade to show our love for our country and our gratitude for those who serve in the military. In 2006 we added another element to the parade:  a food drive for the Clare house.  In addition to decorating bikes, pets, and golf carts, the neighborhood starts dropping donations off to our front porch from June 20th to July 4th.  We also collect food as we walk the parade route.  The first year we collect 257 items.  Last year, our 6th year, we were able to drop off nearly 3000 items to the Clare House Food Pantry. 
          What are you doing this Fourth of July?  Does your neighborhood have a parade?  Are you going to a family reunion?  Maybe you could incorporate helping those in our community who are in need by asking your friends and family to bring donations for the Clare House.
          Even the smallest food drive makes a big difference!

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