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Sunday, March 18, 2012


by Sister Glenda Bourgeois

     During the past decade I have experienced a quantum awakening. Becoming more aware of the Journey of the Universe I have started to see the world differently and myself in a whole new way. This perspective (in my limited understanding of it) is exciting and integrative. It is the Mystery that invades and envelopes me. So, it is in this perspective that I offer a Lenten reflection.
     For many years each of us has celebrated symbol-filled liturgies that invite reflection on the mystery of life and death. We do this walking with Jesus as his life winds down to that moment when he passes from this life to life beyond life in resurrection, a truly transformative event.
     This journey of Jesus is iconic for every Christian in immediate as in ultimate ways. Death is integral to life. The pull and tug of self-dissolution --those little dyings by self denial, by delayed gratification and by fidelity to the truth of who we are--strengthens our capacity for self-transcendence.
     We become aware that in the life of Jesus as well as in the cosmic journey there is a giving over of life on behalf of ever- expanding creativity. The journey from death to life is the pattern of cosmic evolution. Death is part of the on-going development of the universe. We see this in many ways, one of which is the image of supernovas. A supernova is the death eruption of a star. Our earth and we ourselves were born out of such an event. The elements of the star that died find continuation in our earth and in our selves.
     Jesus invites reflection on this reality in words that John attributes to him: “Unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone, but if it dies it will bear much fruit.” “I have come that they may have life, life to the full.” Here we are encouraged to accept the truth that death does not have the final say. We are invited to trust the Mystery at the heart of the process. Judy Cannato expresses the Mystery so succinctly.”In every moment of death there is release of the Spirit and in every movement of the Spirit there is resurrection and life.”
Death to life is a universal truth. It is the archetype for every life journey, the journey of the universe, the journey of Jesus and my own journey.

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