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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project IRENE

A Glimpse of Illinois in Quiz Form

1.  What county is the poorest in Illinois?
2.  Illinois' economy is the fifth largest in the United States.  True or False?
3.  Regressive tax structure means that the lowest income families pay a larger share of their income toward state and local taxes than wealthier families. True or False? 
4.  What is the poverty rate 
· for Asians in IL?  
· for Blacks in IL?  
· for Latinas/os in IL? 
· for Seniors in IL?  
· for Children in IL?
5.  In the year 2000 the share of the Chicago region's poor living in the suburbs was 34%. In 2013, the share was 44%.  True or False?
6.  There are 102 counties in Illinois.  Of these 40 are on the Poverty Watch or the Poverty Warning lists.
True or False? 
7.  In Illinois, 14.7% are living in poverty.  True or False?
8.  In Illinois, 14.2% of the population experience food insecurity. True or False?
9. In Illinois, adults without a high school diploma or GED represent what percentage of the population? 
10. How many housing units in Illinois are in any stage of foreclosure--1 in 763? 1 in 848?   1 in 976?
11. Supportive housing subsidies increase resources for homeless prevention programs and supportive housing.  True or False?
12. Quality education from Pre-K through grade school, high school and beyond prepares students for success in careers and in life. True or False?

1.  Alexander.   
2.   True.   
3.  True.   
4.   Asians--11.9%; Blacks--31.6%; Latina/os--20.7%; Seniors--8.8%; Children--20.7%
5.  False.  The share in 2013 was 48%.   
6.  False.  46 counties are on the Poverty Watch or Poverty Warning lists. 
7.   True.   
8.   True.  
9.   12.2%.    
10. 1 in 848.   
11.   True.   
12. True

Sources: Feeding America; Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy; Poor by Comparison: Report on Illinois Poverty; Realty Trac; U.S. Census Bureau

Project IRENE, an initiative of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in Illinois to impact systems change beneficial for women and children.
Rose Mary Meyer, BVM, Director
2041 Elmwood Avenue   
Wilmette, IL  60091

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