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Monday, November 18, 2013

Making A Difference

Sister Glenda Bourgeois, OSU

These three words have been used on many occasions and they have a way of grabbing my attention. I think of the fact that NBC Nightly News sometimes ends its daily news report with a segment entitled “Making A Difference” always highlighting an inspiring human story.

I reflect in a special way on the presence of Clare House and its extended services in our community and think of what a great difference it has made over the past 35 years. At the youthful age of 25, Tina Sipula cast her lot with the hungry and the homeless, using as the base of this operation, 703 E. Washington Street. She was inspired as many have been by the Catholic Worker ministry, a ministry is steeped in the Gospel message.

Garden food on the porch at Clare House

Clare House and the Loaves and Fishes kitchen are places that have made it possible for each of us to make a difference. The 35 years of service are in fact a tribute to the compassion and generosity of this

Canned food at the Clare House

community who have kept this ministry alive. Faithful volunteers have made a difference. Generous donors have made a difference. Farmers who share their produce have made a difference. Children who decide to collect food for the poor rather than receive birthday presents have made a difference. And, in a big way, Church communities, and civic groups have involved their membership in making a significant difference. All of the collaborators who are involved in the planning and carrying out of the annual food drive make a difference in a remarkable way.
We are all included in having made and continuing to make a difference in the  lives of our brothers and sisters who experience need and know that they can count on us.

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