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Monday, November 18, 2013

Annual Food Drive and the "Drive for Food"

By Bill Tolone

            Our Annual Food Drive is soon approaching at Clare House, but we must always remember that, for our brothers and sisters in need, the "drive for food" is a daily occurrence.  These folks can't afford the luxury of taking a day off from providing food for themselves and their families. 
            During the past year, I have been giving books--through our Little Free Library--to children and their parents and grandparents on Wednesdays and Fridays prior to our weekly food distributions.  I have come to know our "regulars," those who show up all the time, and those folks who are here once in awhile or who are new to Clare.  What an enlightening experience and such wonderful people!   While they are a diverse group, they have at least one very important thing in common:  They desperately need food. 
            Oswald Chambers, in his book of daily devotions (My Utmost for His Highest), reminds us that "All of God's people are ordinary people who have been made extraordinary by the purpose God has given them."  At Clare House, we recognize our sisters and brothers who come to us for food not just as "ordinary" people, but as "extraordinary."  They give us the opportunity to help them help themselves.  They give us "ordinary" people the chance to do something "extraordinary."  We can't afford to fail them in their need.

            So, during our Annual Food Drive, we ask all of you to be extra generous in your giving to this daily mission of providing food for those in need.  And, we ask you to remember that this is a daily need, not just during the Fall of each year.  We all need to become "regulars."

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